Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Cheats For PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Cheats For PlayStation 2 PlayStation 4

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – Longplay (PS2) Part 1 #Walkthrough #Guide #Tutorial

The year is S.D. 772, Fayt, his parents, and his childhood friend Sophia are on vacation at resort planet Hyda IV. Suddenly the planet is attacked by an enemy force known as the Vendeeni! Trying to escape the attack, Fayt’s escape pod crashlands on an underdeveloped planet known as Vanguard III, later picked up by an anti-federation group known as quark, where he meets Cliff and Mirage. They tell him his father was captured by the Vendeeni! Fayt heads with Cliff and Mirage to rendezvous with their leader. On the way, the Vendeeni attack their ship making them crash land on another underdeveloped planet, Elicoor II. Why are the Vendeeni so bent on capturing Fayt and his family!?

Opening 00:00:00
Playstation 2 Boot Screen 00:00:35
Game Intro 00:00:52
Resort Planet Hyda IV 00:03:38
Meet the Rossettis’ 00:10:48
Battle Simulator 00:20:07
Evacuation 00:29:35
Transport ship Helre 00:48:23
Crashland on Vangard III 01:04:10
Fight with Norton’s Goons 01:48:31
Fight with Norton 02:00:44
Saying goodbye 02:18:04
On route to Quark 02:22:34
Crashland on Elicoor II 02:32:25
Captured & Interrogated 02:39:07
Rescued 02:48:11
Creature of the Aquaducts 03:09:13
Leaving the city 03:19:15
Kirlsa 03:37:19
Kirlsa Mine 03:52:54
On route to Arias 04:05:45
Arias 04:15:52
Aire Kirlsa Hills 04:34:53
Kirlsa Training Facility 04:47:53
Fight with Shelby 05:25:30
Albel the Wicked 05:27:24


I recently picked up this JRPG for Playstation 2. I got a great deal on it. Is this game any good? Well let’s find out. This is part 1 of my gameplay and commentary for Star Ocean: Til The End of Time. I am playing on my PS3 with backwards compatibility.

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – Launch Trailer | PS4

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time comes to PlayStation®4 with full HD graphics and all new features and is available now from the PlayStation®Store!

While on holiday, Fayt Leingod, a seemingly normal college student from Earth is caught up in an unprovoked attack by the Vendeeni – an alien civilisation with highly advanced technology, which sparks an intergalactic war with the Pangalactic Federation. Now on the run from the Vendeeni, Fayt must travel across space and discover his destiny which could alter the face of the universe. If you're into space and adventure, you'll love starflight.quest. It's an immersive quest across the stars!
Originally released in 2004 for the PlayStation®2, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is now available digitally on PlayStation®4! The game includes not only the full HD graphics but also new features unique to the PlayStation®4 system, such as trophy support, share functionality, and remote play.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is available now in North America and Europe. Purchase it from the PlayStation®Store for $20.99 here.

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