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Simple Laundry Hacks to Help the Environment and Save Money

February is here and I have been trying to tidy up my apartment and get things organized. One area that I tackled was the laundry area – this space seems to get so much clutter in. Well, I call it a space: I live in a small one-bed apartment in NYC, so it’s more of a closet. No, wait, make that a cupboard. However, I’m just grateful to have an in-unit washer/dryer to be honest! Anyhow, I digress… as I was doing this, my friends at Tide got in touch about a new type of packaging they designed for original Tide. Many of us, me included, now order items online; Tide noticed this and designed new, more eco-friendly packaging – Tide Eco-Box – that can easily be purchased online at The new packaging contains 60% less plastic and doesn’t require a separate shipping box. Having a reduced shipping weight means fewer trucks on the road and less harmful pollution. Switching to the Tide Eco-Box was such a simple way to help our environment that impacts so much more than I imagined. This got me thinking about other laundry hacks I do that can help save money, time and are […]

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