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How to Survive Winter: Plan a vacation. But Where to Go?

I love Winter but by the end of January I’m itching to leave the arctic winds of New York City for more exotic shores. January can be a slow, dark month so it’s a great time to plan a vacation. Having a trip to look forward always keeps me going and inspired during the short winter days! My heartmate and I love the planning and research part of a vacation – seeking out the best hotels, the right flights; curating our own little itinerary. That said, I know that some people can’t even get to these planning stages because they simply can’t decide where to go. One thing people often message me to ask is where I would recommend they go on a trip. To be honest, it’s really tough to say as it’s kinda like telling someone what their favorite food should be. We all have different tastes, so what I like or need from a vacation at the moment maybe not be the same for you. I think the internet and social media is great for travel inspiration and opening our eyes to unexplored corners of the world that we may previously not considered. On the flip side […]

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