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Four Ways to Stop Procrastinating on Your Taxes

It’s officially tax season. From personal experience I know this is a time of year when it can be tempting to procrastinate. So, I partnered with my friends at TurboTax to share four tips on how to get on with your taxes – and fast forward a potential refund! Before we jump in, I wanted to mention TurboTax Live, which is a service they provide where you can click to connect and have a one-way, live video chat with a real CPA or an Enrolled Agent to answer all your tax questions on-demand, year-round. I love that it’s a one-way video so they can’t see you – you can keep that onesie on if you like! Today, I’m sharing what I do to keep focused when I do my taxes; they work for me but this is a personal area so just try them out and see what does and doesn’t work to make you more productive.1. Set an intention and a timer The first trick when I need to focus and not get distracted by the internet, social media, email or, frankly, anything else is to set a timer on my iPhone. Before setting the timer, I pick one […]

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