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Three Inspiring Ways to Hang One Art Collection

Last winter, I partnered with the team from Desenio (remember when I used some of their prints to makeover my dining room nook two years ago?!) to show them around New York City. Their creative team were capturing NYC art prints which are now part of the Studio Cosmopolitan collection, that features photographs from NYC, London and Paris. It was a brutally cold winter’s day but you would never know as their pictures came out beautifully. I get asked about decorating with art alllll the time – how to place art, what kind of art to choose, where to source art etc. etc – so if you’re looking for gallery wall ideas and advice then these three posts are a great place to start: – How to Hang A Gallery Wall on Exposed Brick Walls – Gallery Wall Ideas for Light and Dark Rooms – My GHTV Class: How to Hang Three Gallery Walls Today, I’m sharing three approaches for decorating your walls from one art collection. I always believe if you love a piece or a collection you can find a way to make it work in your home. So, my hope is that one of these three ways […]

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