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Announcing My First Bright.Bazaar Product Line

Almost ten years ago to the day I was sat on The Tube in London riding across town with a then colleague and I sheepishly told her that I’d recently started a blog called Bright.Bazaar. I had explained that I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, but that I was excited to have a space to continue my writing – I was a recent Journalism grad – and to share my passion for design. I remember that she turned to me and said: “I have no idea what a blog is but I LOVE the name, it sounds like a brand and it sounds so YOU.” I’ve held onto those words over the past decade. During both the incredible highs and the times when I questioned everything and felt as though I had lost my way. There are always times in my life and careers where I lack confidence or clarity in my decisions, but that seemingly everyday conversation on the train has given me the courage to stand by my convictions and visions for my blog, and well – I guess it’s official now – brand. Today, I’m thrilled to write, the first Bright.Bazaar product line launches! […]

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