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Getting Older: What Rocks & What Sucks!

Posted in partnership with Keeps. It’s official: I am getting older! Well, we all are. It’s crazy to think I’ve been writing this blog for almost a decade. So much has changed since this young twenty-one year old guy hit publish on his first blog post, not least getting married and emigrating to a new country. It’s been a wild ride but I can say that as I get older I am, on the whole, loving life as I feel more comfortable in myself. I feel braver about making decisions for the right reasons, taking my experience over the past decade and channeling it into my decision making in a positive way. Another thing that I really love about getting older is finally being able to invest the money I’ve saved and saved and saved into my own home, like the renovation of our beautiful master bath at the beach house. I guess many of you, like me, rented and still rent apartments. In some ways renting is great because when things go wrong it’s not your responsibility to fix them – plus, renting can allow you to experience lots of different ways of life and properties. For example, my […]

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