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Translating Travel Into Home Decor

You guys know how much I love finding inspiration from my travels for home design. This approach to decorating was at the heart of my second book, Dream Décor. I love how you can discover, and be inspired by, fresh colors, patterns and textures wherever and whenever you travel. They are often so different from what you see in your everyday life that means they are perfect to bring home to us as they can be great catalysts to rejuvenate your home and, well, make your smile on the daily! My friends over at Grandin Road and I ran a competition where we asked a follower to submit a picture from their travels that I would use an inspiration to design a real life room. I’m so exicted to share this with you as I think this example really shows how you can be walking around on your vacation taking pictures and then use that as a jumping off point for all the design elements used to build a room. Let’s dive in and see the travel picture and then I will breakdown how the room came together from the winning photo that was taken in Miami by @r.jonesphoto.1. Color […]

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