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Five Things I Learned From Doing A Home Renovation

Today’s post is written in partnership with Trane, who we worked with to install a Trane HVAC system during our beach house renovation. See that smiling picture of me above? Well, that’s largely because we finally have a place with a reliable HVAC system! You see, I am a very light sleeper and if it is too hot I really struggle to sleep. Our first NYC apartment was a charming brownstone but it had steam heat and for the entire year we lived there both my husband and I really struggled to sleep because it was constantly so hot. To be honest, that first year is a bit of blur because we spent most of it feeling sleep deprived! The worst was in the summer when the steam heat was locked on and it would like 90+ degrees in the apartment. Awful! So, when it came to renovating our beach house we knew from the outset how important it would be to invest and install a reliable HVAC system. Thankfully, we had the team from Trane on hand to ensure we did everything correctly. As the first part of renovations start to come to a close out at the beach […]

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