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Dressing for Transitional Weather

OK, so I know most of us here in America (aside from our friends on the west coast!) are still experiencing a deep freeze but there is light at the end of the cold tunnel. It’s that time of year where it can be 25 degrees one day and then 58 degrees the next. While most of us welcome the warmer days, the changing weather can make dressing appropriately more challenging. One day the warmest arctic coat is necessary the next you’re sweating in a sweater on the subway or on line the grocery store. Sound familiar? I thought so! So, I thought I’d share this look I wore in Copenhagen because it’s a great outfit for transitional weather dressing. The key: layers, layers, layers.For this look I started with soft and comfortable base layer – a merino wool sweater. Then, I layered on an open denim shirt and green mac coat (linked in blue as sold out in green). By building an outfit with an option of different layers that you can wear both open and closed it gives the flexibility to make the look warmer or cooler depending on the temperature. I like how the hint of graphic […]

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