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The 14 Things Every Holiday Party Tablescape Needs

Last week I kicked off my holiday party planning blog series in collaboration with Moen, where I shared my overall inspiration and design direction for the soirée! This week, I’m focusing my planning efforts on the holiday party tablescape. As I wrote about last week, my plan is for the table to have an organic-inspired theme with a festive twist. As I started to pull together all the various elements of the table, I realized that there’s actually a fair number of essential pieces that every holiday table needs. So, with that in mind, I thought it would useful to make a holiday dinner party ‘infographic’! It details all the elements that I feel are the 14 must-haves of a holiday party tablescape. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 1. CHARGER | Every set of dinnerware needs anchoring to the table with a charger. Think of this as the neutral that tempers the colors and textures you add into the rest of the tablescape. You don’t want the charger to the centerpiece of your holiday party tablescape, but rather that all important supporting cast member that helps propel the rest of the table to shining success. 2. DINNER PLATE | […]

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