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NYC Apartment Autumn Design Updates

It’s true: I’m a serial redecorator! Well, I say that but it’s not always the case. For example, I’ve not changed any of the design elements in the master bedroom at our NYC apartment since we decorated it this time last year. We both adore this space and I honestly can’t see us redecorating it anytime soon: it’s become part of our lives in this apartment and it’s a true sanctuary. However, some spaces in the apartments in which my heart mate and I have lived over the years have always been more transient when it comes to their decor. I find it kind of funny that two rooms right next to each other evoke different responses: when it comes to one space, the bedroom, we both can’t imagine changing the decor, but when it comes to the other space, our living room, we regularly embrace switching up the design and decor. All the while, both spaces, one constant and one ever-evolving, each feel like the fabric of our life and equally as comforting. They both feel like home. Do you guys have this differing design approach and ‘relationship’ with any of the rooms in your home? I’d love to […]

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