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Menorca Travel Guide: Island Colors

About four years ago I was visiting New York City for business and I decided to only capture the city through the lens of my iPhone during the trip. (Sidenote: how much has phone photography advanced in recent years?! Looking at this was a serious step back in time!) Don’t get me wrong, I love taking pictures with my professional kit, but sometimes it’s nice to snap-and-go. Plus, with more the limited capabilities of phone photography it’s a fun challenge, too. The modern day equivalent of shooting with a disposable camera? OK, not quite, but still it’s fun. Anyway, I digress! Today’s post is something your guys have been asking me to blog for agessssss: a Menorca travel guide! Longtime readers will know that Menorca is a very special island to me because it’s where my heart mate and I got married three years ago this month. Last week I was in Europe for my friend’s wedding (it actually happened to be the wedding of the friend who married us!) and so between the bachelorette and wedding weekend we squeezed in a quick trip to our wedding isle. After the jump I’m sharing some of my favorite spots across the […]

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