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10 Scenes From The Weekend

It felt like spring finally arrived in New York City this past weekend. The blue sky was boundless; the first blossom buds started to open; sidewalks felt wider as stores removed their winter wind and snow blockers; restaurants opened their doors and placed tables out front; and the parks were alive with chatter and play. In many ways it felt like the city had awoken from its long winter slumber. And it felt good. Real good. My heart mate and I spent most of the weekend outdoors. We cleaned our apartment, worked out and then jumped on Citi Bikes to cycle across the city. Here are ten things that made me smile over the weekend… 1. Catching the East River Ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn for the first time this season. It’s my favorite way to move between the boroughs – just look at that skyline view! Nine more highlights after the jump! 2. The beautiful spring weather called for a suitably spring-y outfit, so I paired my new botanical garden chinos with this millennial pink sweatshirt. The sweater actually matches the sofa in my living room – take the tour!3. Speaking of pretty pinks…I loved seeing the first blossoms […]

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