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19 Colorful & Affordable Art Websites

It’s no secret that I love art; nor that I adore gallery walls. In fact, I think colorful art is one of the best ways to imprint your personality on your space. While some people have a weakness for shoes or bags, mine is with art. Confession time: the space under my bed is full with prints and artworks from previous apartments that I can’t bare to part with or sell. I know (hope!) that one day I’ll own my own place with more space than a one-bedroom apartment so I can hang them all again. Having navigated (enjoyed!) this addiction for many a year now, I’m well versed with where to find my latest hit of colorful art from affordable art websites. You name one and there’s a high chance I’ve bought a piece from it! So, today I’ve rounded up 19 colorful and affordable art websites that are great to have in your decorating back pocket when you are looking to add a splash of color and personality to your home! 1. U Gallery: Of course my love of the coast and all things nautical led my eye straight to this photographic print, Fish Shacks Spring Thaw by […]

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