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Fighting For What’s Right Is Worth It

Throughout last year’s election I made no secret of my impassioned support of Hillary Clinton. I live tweeted to my followers during debates and beyond; I attended her rallies and primary night event in NYC (seen mid-chant at said event above!), bringing my followers along live on Snapchat; and shared I my support of her campaign on Instagram. To me, Hillary wasn’t the lesser of two evils. Rather, I believed, and still believe, that she genuinely loves America and would have been a fantastic President. But this post isn’t about lamenting her electoral collage loss. Nor is this post isn’t about the fundamental differences between Democratic and Republican views. No, this post is about speaking up for the values I firmly believe in. It’s about voicing and encouraging support for the minorities and communities and a country that have welcomed my husband and I so warmly since we moved to America 16 months ago. Of course, I understand and accept that as a people we will hold differing political opinions on general issues such as the economy, trade, healthcare, business regulation and so on. That’s normal and a healthy debate on those areas is important and should be encouraged....

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