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New York City Snow Day

Well, it’s fair to say that I LOVE a New York City snow day! We’ve already had three snow storms this winter in New York City. I shared a round up of my favorite Christmas snowy scenes in the city at the end of last year, and also a look at one of my snow day outfits, too. This weekend’s snowfall wasn’t as heavy as last year’s historic snow storm in New York City, but it was still a fair amount – about 4-5″. I’ve rounded up some of the New York City snow day scenes that caught my eye and made me smile this weekend, after the jump! Greenwich village sure does look charming under a blanket of fresh, powdery snow. Well, let’s get real, it looks charming any day but the snow is a little added bonus!I posted this to my Instagram Story but I liked it so much I wanted to include it here too. I just managed to get grab my phone in time to capture the shot before the cab went out of frame. I love how the disappearing cab gives a feeling of NYC’s space. Yes, even a New York City snow day is […]

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